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Why (and When) It Makes Sense for Seniors to Move Closer to Their Adult Children

Many Indianapolis-area seniors move to different parts of the country when they retire, seeking more favorable weather or fresh environments where they can take on new adventures. There comes a time for most seniors, however, when the pull of family becomes too strong to resist and they long to move back “home”. Indeed, this is understandable, and common, for many reasons:

Family Time

Despite technology making it possible for distant family members to make video calls or “face time” with loved ones, there is simply no substitute for being there in person for family events. Whether it’s watching a grandchild score a winning run or “stick the landing” at a gymnastics competition; whether it’s a milestone birthday celebration or the inevitable need for a shoulder to cry on; missing out on family time does, indeed, leave a substantial void.

Health Needs

Oftentimes, retired seniors have health concerns or encounter serious health issues. It can be difficult in these circumstances for distant family to step away from their careers, even briefly, and travel to where their senior loved ones need them. When health problems become more frequent or require continuing care, long-distance family caregiving becomes impossible.


Finally, it is common that, after the thrill of new adventures wears thin in a distant location, homesickness sets in. There truly is no place like home, and only being home can provide the cure. In fact, living once more near family and longtime friends can often be therapeutic for the senior’s health in general.

When Should You Make the Move?

Obviously, if you identify with any of the reasons above, it’s probably time to start thinking about and planning your move back home. Many seniors, however, delay the move too long. When that happens, serious health issues or the loss of a partner can create significant hardship for adult children and grandchildren who must step in to help a parent relocate. And because many seniors also put off the process of downsizing and reducing the number of possessions, this burden also adds to the stress. So, the best time to move back home to be near family and friends is when you are still capable of making not only the decision, but also assisting with the process of downsizing and moving.

Yes, moving can be complex, as well as time consuming and stress inducing. But the reward – being close again to your loved ones – is worth the effort. And when you enlist the services of a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, or SRES®, like me, the process of finding a great new Indianapolis area senior-accessible home near your family can be easier than you think. To learn more, contact me at 317.442.4797.

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