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Why Using a Seniors Real Estate Specialist Makes Sense When Downsizing

Does using a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® really matter when downsizing for your active retirement years? After all, isn’t any well-qualified real estate professional capable of serving the needs of ALL generations? Simply put, while there might be many excellent Realtors in the Indianapolis area, very few are certified as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, or SRES®. I’m one of the few SRES designees in central Indiana. And as such, I’m uniquely qualified to serve the equally unique needs of seniors when buying or selling a home.

Here are just a few of the reasons using a Seniors Real Estate Specialist like me can make a difference when downsizing:

Training and Education

SRES designees like me receive extensive training in helping home buyers and sellers age 50 and above. We understand that downsizing can be both a difficult decision and a stressful process.

It will also be reassuring to know I have referral partners to assist you with financial and legal issues and help secure assistance with estate planning, home equity conversion mortgages, Veterans’ benefits and in-home services.

Experience and Expertise

By partnering with an SRES like me during your home search, you’ll gain the services of a real estate professional experienced not only in the field of real estate, but in navigating life itself. I have the knowledge and expertise to counsel you through the major financial and lifestyle transitions involved in home buying, home selling, relocating, refinancing, and even adapting your new home for active retirement living.

And don’t forget that to help you get the best deal when buying or selling a home, I can offer you information on current market trends as well as comparable real estate transactions.

Identification and Empathy

Because I’m a member of the generation I serve, you can have confidence that I identify with your life situations and empathize with your challenges. Because of this, I can hel

p you complete your real estate transactions with the patience and professionalism you deserve.

So, does using a Seniors Real Estate Specialist really matter as you settle into a home-based retirement and move or downsize? I truly believe it does. And I believe my SRES certification is a symbol of professionalism that should give you confidence you’ve come to the right place.

To learn more about how I bring special, focused care to your seniors real estate needs, contact me today at 317-442-4797.

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